The Alchemical Colour Code For Creating Your Own Gameacrylic on board, 24x24 (61x61cm), prints available any size, original $750, includes free world-wide shipping

My artworks are my observations. I gather information and knowledge and catalogue it in colour codes and maps, otherwise known as abstract art. As I follow my joy, the process feels as if I am doing some important record keeping and it is my mission to state the facts and let others interpret them. I know that my art is important for many reasons, one being that it changes the energetic frequency of the space it is in.

In my art I am:

-Free to seek intimacy with myself through the growing use of my intuition.

-Free to seek and explore the constantly moving edge of human consciousness.

-Free to seek anything and everything, each thing the everything of something else and all that I cannot yet articulate or exists in realms beyond words. 

-Free to use my fluency in the sacred language of colour and know that it is enough. 

Cheryl Irwin